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ovine collagen peptides

We believe our pure hydrolysed ovine collagen from New Zealand is the most sustainable and pure option on the market. Collagen peptides help replenish our body's amino acids to create and maintain healthy collagen levels. This has a positive impact on gut health, supports healthy skin, hair and nails, helps maintain joints and more. It is flavourless as you are simply getting the pure collagen protein and nothing else. Serving size: 1-3 tsp. Add to smoothies, coffee or any hot drinks, soups, broths and sauces. Combine with Vitamin C foods to increase absorption.


ovine collagen peptides

PaleoGluten Free Dairy free

Nutritional Facts Per 100g
energy 1547kJ
protein 100g
fat total 0g
saturated 0g
carbohydrates 0g
sugars 0g
sodium 300mg