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organic ginger root

A gut soothing tea with health benefits that include disease-fighting agents, anti-cancer, anti-viral, improves strength, aids digestion and soothes nausea. It is also said to help muscle aches and pains. Sipping on some ginger tea is a great way to keep hydrated when you have an upset stomach. Ginger also pairs beautifully with lots of other herbal teas so you can get creative to make your own perfect blend! To brew, use 1-3 tsp and steep in hot water (90C-95C) for 3-5 minutes. Store in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dry place.


organic dried ginger

VeganPaleoGluten Free VegetarianSoy freeDairy free

Nutritional Facts Per 100g
energy 335kj
protein 1.8g
fat total 0.7g
saturated 0.2g
carbohydrates 17.8g
sugars 1.7g
sodium 13mg